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Fey Seal
Fey Laminar Sealing Rings are non-contacting (labyrinth) seals, ranging from 15-1300 mm in diameter (0.6 ...51 inches) and are produced as single and double wound versions; several grades of spring-steel are available (including stainless steel up to Æ 850 mm/33.5 inches).
: Single wound Laminar Rings as grease seals for plain and roller bearings.
: Double wound Laminar Sealing Rings as seals for grease lubricated ball and roller
  bearings in especially demanding applications; also for very high speeds.
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Test Runs/Warranties:
Before using our laminar rings, you are recommended to contact our Technical Bureau. As a precautionary measure, you are advised that tests must be run under operating conditions before our laminar rings are used in series production.
Such tests are intended to show that the sealing effect of Fey sealing rings or the retaining functions of Fey securing rings meet your requirements.
No general warranty can be given for the desired function or length of use.